Our Facilities

At Dynamic Furniture Corp., we have invested extensive resources to ensure our production processes produce the highest quality products with the maximum efficiency. We have engineered the production floor to be one of the most technological advanced manufacturing plants in North America, utilizing Italian and German state-of-the-art equipment. Our plant integrates a number of features including humidity control, dust collection and ventilation that help maintain our high quality standards while ensuring optimal comfort for our valued team members.

Dynamic Furniture operates in the “just-in-time” manufacturing mode and all products are made to order. Our procurement and delivery processes are tailored to help keep costs down and provide our customers with a variety of available products and flexible delivery dates. We only use reputable suppliers from around the world that ship materials to our plant on an as-need basis.

Once the raw materials are approved, they are delivered to one of two production lines: Laminate or Solid Wood. In case of Solid Wood products, all wood is prepared for cutting and shaping based on your order. The preparation removes any blemishes and allows a closer inspection to ensure a quality product.

In the case of Laminated products, all lamination is done in-house by a laminator that uses high quality paper and strong adhesive glue that guarantees a quality that looks and feels like real wood. The laminated boards are then moved to the high-speed saws that cut the parts needed to meet customer requirements. Unlike other manufactures, we build our products to our customers’ timeline, not our internal schedule.

Majority of our CNC equipment are linked into a central server that allows real time information transmission directly from our Production and Information Department. They program your requirements into the computer which converts your order into the components required to process your order. This maintains the quality and accuracy of the manufacturing process and is continually monitored to deliver high quality products.